Monday, February 2, 2015

Teen Titans - Raven's Gloves and Boots

I was really excited to start working on Raven. I tried to bring a little more texture to her outfit, since a plain black unitard is not that interesting. It's a bit of a cross between the TV show and the comics (much like all of my TT designs).

I bought this super soft, very slightly stretchy, flannel backed upholstery vinyl for half off, in a beautiful slate blue. I also ordered a pair of thigh high black boots with straps and buckles.


 I pulled all the straps off, so I could replace them with identical straps made of my blue fabric.


I measured off the original straps so that the buckles would line up properly.

Cutting out the fabric for new straps.

First two straps finished!

More straps!

After I finished the straps, I sanded the arch of the boot and painted it red to match the jewels I will make later.

Two coats of dark red acrylic, two coats of thinned red nailpolish.

 All done!

Gloves were next.

Because the straps looked so good on the boots, I figured I'd do the opposite on the gloves, and have black straps on blue gloves. I made basic gauntlets, and used my super shiny black pleather for straps and piping.

With added snaps to hold the straps down.

I made the lining out of an cheap pair of black costume gloves I had lying around
Adding lining.

Finger loopies!

All done! ...minus the gems.

Then someone showed me the Injustice: Gods Among Us costumes and I was like NOOOO accidentally copying whhhhhyyyy.

I even did that weird shoulder triangle thing!

So now I'm Teen Titans/Injustice Raven. It's 'kay.

UPDATE: I cast the gems for her gloves out of resin, and attached them with glue (*shame*). I'm putting the gem-making process in its own post, because it was a struggle. :D

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Teen Titans - Robin's Jacket

My first project for ECCC 2015 was Robin's costume. I'm making this outfit for my sister (yay crossplay!).  In my design, I tried to keep the visual integrity of Robin's Teen Titans outfit, while incorporating interesting detail from other Robin designs.

This was the first costume I had every made without having the recipient around to try it on, but luckily we're twins so I tried it on myself. :D

I started with two faux leather jackets I bought from Goodwill (for more money than I would have liked to spend...) My sister was quite insistent that we go with muted reds and greens (rather than the traditional bright Christmas colors) so when I found a sage green jacket and a mahogany red jacket, I had to have them.

These are not them. I didn't take pictures.... but they're close!

I cut the sleeves off the red jacket, and cut the side panels out as well. Luckily, I found that the back side of the fabric was a nice lighter red suede, perfect for accents.

I decided to go for a scalemail look on the sides, so I spent forever cutting out individual scales from the sleeve fabric.

I also really liked how they emulated feathers. Bird imagery became kind of a big thing with this costume....

With contrasting fabrics, I could create a pattern with my scales. I learned from The FTM's Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a Dude that diagonal lines hide curves, so I settled on chevrons, a pattern which I wanted to repeat later on the pants.

I grabbed a bag of red pyramid studs from the fabric store on a whim, so I put one on to see what it looked like if I used it to tack down the scales...

Looks so cool, I think I'll....

...go crazy and put them everywhere!

(At this point I got a camera that wasn't on my phone...)

I stitched the sides back into the jacket, and used some super shiny red pleather scraps to make trim.

Sewing trim down.

With the finished trim!

I cut the sleeves off of my green jacket, so I could use the wrist section for sleeves. (There was a cool zipper I wanted to keep). They were too small for my biceps, so made contrasting inserts by painting some of the green with dark green leather paint. (I used Leather Studio acrylic).

Some more scraps were used to make the piping.
 Then I sewed in the sleeves...

I decided to make Robin's weird yellow stripes into actually functional straps with buckles. I used gold tone webbing and finished the ends with gold pleather from a cheap thrift store skirt (that will become the utility belt later...)

I bought brass military-style belt buckles and attached the straps with jean rivets.

All riveted on!

I stitched the original lining back together..

....and attached the collar from the green jacket.

Almost done!
 The last thing I added was brass belt tips (which only came in packs of 100, so now I have 97 extras...)



Of course, it needed the finishing touch! My Robin cut this solid brass 'R' out herself, with a jewelry saw.

Ready to kick some villain butt!