Monday, February 2, 2015

Teen Titans - Raven's Gloves and Boots

I was really excited to start working on Raven. I tried to bring a little more texture to her outfit, since a plain black unitard is not that interesting. It's a bit of a cross between the TV show and the comics (much like all of my TT designs).

I bought this super soft, very slightly stretchy, flannel backed upholstery vinyl for half off, in a beautiful slate blue. I also ordered a pair of thigh high black boots with straps and buckles.


 I pulled all the straps off, so I could replace them with identical straps made of my blue fabric.


I measured off the original straps so that the buckles would line up properly.

Cutting out the fabric for new straps.

First two straps finished!

More straps!

After I finished the straps, I sanded the arch of the boot and painted it red to match the jewels I will make later.

Two coats of dark red acrylic, two coats of thinned red nailpolish.

 All done!

Gloves were next.

Because the straps looked so good on the boots, I figured I'd do the opposite on the gloves, and have black straps on blue gloves. I made basic gauntlets, and used my super shiny black pleather for straps and piping.

With added snaps to hold the straps down.

I made the lining out of an cheap pair of black costume gloves I had lying around
Adding lining.

Finger loopies!

All done! ...minus the gems.

Then someone showed me the Injustice: Gods Among Us costumes and I was like NOOOO accidentally copying whhhhhyyyy.

I even did that weird shoulder triangle thing!

So now I'm Teen Titans/Injustice Raven. It's 'kay.

UPDATE: I cast the gems for her gloves out of resin, and attached them with glue (*shame*). I'm putting the gem-making process in its own post, because it was a struggle. :D

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